Innovation Realized 18

The best debates, viewpoints, discussions and other highlights from Innovation Realized 18. Check out our digital magazine: How digital is the catalyst for transformation .

Livestream from the event

Mark Weinberger and Yuval Noah Harari

EY CEO Mark Weinberger and best-selling author Yuval Noah Harari discuss the future of work and the likely impact of today’s transformative and robotic age on business.

Innovation Realized 18 in pictures.

Live tour of venue with Uschi Schreiber and guests

A tour of the unique and immersive Innovation Realized 18 venue.

Executing a digital transformation

Discussion on how organizations stop ‘doing’ digital and start ‘being’ digital.

Meeting the innovation challenges of the 21st century

We assess how business can best identify tomorrow’s leaders and implement a successful dual approach, combining both short- and long-term strategy.

What’s after what’s next?

Perspectives on the opportunities arising from emerging technologies, changing consumer preferences and digital globalization. Where should business look for the next great idea?

Future of cities

Our panel considers how smart neighborhoods and the cities of the future could create a new generation of urban environments and marketplaces.

Superfluid Markets

The panel considers where will you create value in a frictionless world and unleash the potential of superfluid markets?

Key takeaways from Innovation Realized 18

A round-up of the two days’ highlights with EY’s Uschi Schreiber and Jay Nibbe plus a hint of what to expect at next year’s event.

Is leadership about personal development or about corporate transformation?

Finding your edge by exploring key traits such as resilience, adaptability, empathy and design thinking – all critical to successful leadership in these exponential times.

What will the new workforce look like?

The ability to drive engagement and experience in the age of digitalization, not only with customers but also with employees, is paramount to the success of delivering on the business strategy.

The shopping-buying divergence: when bots do the buying, where’s the value in shopping?

Shopping will become a highly conscious and experience-led activity, that provide differentiated and relevant goods and services in distinctive virtual or physical spaces.

Event insight blogs

Does collision shatter or shape our future thinking?

Organizations will need to understand and leverage collisions to thrive in a digital world.

What if great minds don’t think alike?

How to embrace original thinkers and thrive through disruption.

Digital experimentation without industrialization is fruitless

Digital transformation program should focus around how to drive re-invention and infusion of digital across the whole enterprise.

How do we keep the human touch in the digital age?

Robotics and AI are here to stay: leaders need to think about how we can use the best of technology to bring out the best in people. And businesses need to invest in people's uniquely human attributes.

18 for ‘18: digital resolutions for business leaders

The leaders who succeed in 2018 will be those who can adopt a dual strategy to optimize their current business, whilst also looking for innovation opportunities.

When innovation emerges from unexpected collisions

How your business can not only survive but also thrive through this disruption

Are we transforming quickly enough in a superfluid world?

With supply and demand connecting faster than ever, we must be prepared to operate at this new pace

Managing risks in the digital transformation

Like any journey, digital transformation is exciting, but it comes with risks

If personal data becomes a new health currency, how will we prevent care inequality?

Life sciences industry is not only confronted with technological and economic challenges, but also with deep questions about the human impact of the coming changes.

Are you transformative-age ready?

Reflections from Innovation Realized 18 on the collision of philosophies, technologies and business models are changing everything

When a butterfly flaps its wings: the unintended consequences of digital disruption

The idea of the unintended ripple effects of digital disruption.

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